Là nhà cung cấp giải pháp CAD/CAM hàng đầu được biết đến như phần mềm CREO (trước đây là ProE) cũng như PLM (Windchill), giải pháp của PTC giúp thiết kế những sản phẩm đột phá.

Internet of things

Internet of Things (hay gọi tắt là IoT) được định nghĩa là một hệ thống bao gồm các phần tử vật lý kết nối với nhau thông qua mạng liên kết để thu thập, trao đổi và phân tích dữ liệu trong thời gian thực.


Là một trong mười công ty phần mềm đầu tiên trên thế giới, MSC Software cung cấp giải pháp CAE tốt nhất thế giới như NASTRAN, ADAMS, MARC, PATRAN cho ngành Hàng Không, Vũ trụ, Xe hơi, Vũ khí, Thiết kế tàu, cũng như Điện tử.


PTC Windchill 11 giới thiệu đầu tiên như là các giải pháp PLM® Kết nối thông minh. Tận dụng khả năng vô song của Internet tiên tiến, PTC Windchill 11 giới thiệu chức năng đột phá PLM mới cho phép bạn để cung cấp dữ liệu sản phẩm nhiều hơn cho nhiều bên liên quan vòng đời sản phẩm hơn bao giờ hết.

Thiết bị

Hệ thống thhiết bị phụ trợ cho ngành sản xuất nhựa, thực phẩm danh tiếng của tập đoàn ACS (USA), và Piab (Thụy Điển)

Tư vấn & Đào tạo

Với đội ngũ chuyên gia có nhiều năm công tác trong ngành ở Nhật và Việt Nam, chúng tôi cam kết cung cấp những chương trình đào tạo hiệu quả nhất nhằm nâng cao năng lực sản xuất.


Là nhà cung cấp giải pháp CAD/CAM hàng đầu được biết đến như phần mềm CREO (trước đây là ProE) cũng như PLM (Windchill), giải pháp của PTC giúp thiết kế những sản phẩm đột phá.

PTC Creo

  • Pro/ENGINEER® Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling

    Pro/Engineer prismatic and multi-surface milling–the ultimate tool for manufacturing engineers who need to create highly complex parts and better quality products in shorter timeframes.

  • Pro/ENGINEER® Complete Machining

    With Pro/ENGINEER Complete Machining, manufacturing engineers can work concurrently with designers to automatically incorporate design changes.

  • Pro/ENGINEER® Mechanism Dynamics Option

    Pro/engineer mechanism Dynamics option (mDo) allows you to virtually simulate real-world forces and analyze how your product will react to them, without building costly physical prototypes. 

  • Pro/ENGINEER® Behavioral Modeling Extension

    Wouldn’t it be great if your computer-aided design software automatically determined the best design for you? 

  • Creo™ Parametric

    Creo Parametric helps you quickly deliver the highest quality, most accurate digital models.

  • Creo™ Piping and Cabling Extension

    Creo Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX) is the perfect 3D solution because it supports all types of industries and styles of piping and cabling–so you can streamline and accelerate the entire design process.

  • Creo® Tool Design Extension

    Creo Tool Design Extension (TDX) is the essential 3D CAD tool for professional designers who need to rapidly create higher quality mold inserts, casting cavities, and patterns.

  • Creo® Interactive Surface Design Extension

    Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDx) delivers the ultimate integration of 3D design and engineering.

  • The Creo® Suite of NC and Tooling Solutions

    With Creo manufacturing tools for CAD/CAM, you have exactly what you need to win new business opportunities and lock out the competition.

  • Creo® Options Modeler

    Creo Options Modeler is a dedicated app for creating and validating 3D modular products.

  • Creo® Manikin Analysis Extension

    Creo Manikin Analysis Extension enables you to visualize, simulate and communicate highly complex human-product-workplace interactions – particularly repetitive manual tasks – earlier in the design process. 

  • Creo® Manikin Extension

    Creo Manikin Extension provides the ideal solution because it enables you to visualize, simulate, optimize and communicate these human-product interactions earlier in the design process, helping you save time and reduce product development costs.

  • Creo™ Sketch

    Creo Sketch gives users the ability to quickly draw and communicate their product ideas.

  • Creo™ Simulate
    Creo Simulate gives designers the power to understand structural and thermal product performance ‘on the desktop,’ before resorting to costly, time-consuming physical prototyping.
  • Creo® Schematics

    Creo Schematics helps you achieve this goal by automating the cabling and piping systems detailed design processes – saving time, effort and money.

  • Creo® Layout

    Creo Layout solves this problem by providing a sophisticated 2D environment with all the tools the 2D designer needs to develop concept designs.

  • Creo™ Illustrate

    Creo Illustrate offers a dedicated environment with the capabilities required to create rich 3D technical illustrations that are used to communicate complex products and procedures clearly and graphically to users of service and technical information.

PTC Abortext

  • Arbortext ® Editor™

    Arbortext Editor, the industry’s most adopted Xml authoring software, helps you create contextual, up-to-date, product-centric content.

  • Arbortext ® Content Manager™

    Arbortext Content Manager provides a controlled, shared content repository that handles multiple versions of both source content and finished publications.

PTC Creo Element

  • Creo Elements/Direct® Modeling

     Creo Elements/Direct Modeling’s direct approach to 3D design is ideal for companies that need a lightweight and flexible design strategy, to shorten design cycles and quickly create one-off product designs.

  • Creo Elements/Direct® Drafting™

    Creo Elements/Direct Drafting offers comprehensive 2D CAD capabilities for optimizing your mechanical design processes.

  • Creo™ Elements/Direct™ Model Manager

    Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager manages your product design data within a central database, effectively coordinating development efforts without imposing overhead on the team.

  • Creo™Elements/Direct™ Machine Productivity Package

    The Creo Elements/Direct Machine Productivity Package gives you all the fast and flexible 3D design and data management tools you need for high-quality industrial machine design.

  • Creo™ Elements/Direct™ Sheet Metal Productivity Package
    The Creo Elements/Direct Sheet Metal Productivity Package is a complete set of direct 3D design modules – packaged specifically for sheet metal designers, enabling you to create highly precise sheet metal designs, while carefully managing all product development data.
  • Creo™ Elements/Direct™ Cabling

    Creo Elements/Direct Cabling combines electrical and mechanical design data, so you can fully simulate electromechanical products and shorten lead times.

  • Creo™ Elements/Direct™

    Creo Elements/Direct is for innovative leaders in discrete manufacturing and other industries who are facing intense time-to-market pressure.

PTC Integrity

  • PTC Integrity
    PTC Integrity Requirements Engineering is the only requirements engineering solution available today built as an extension of the 
    product lifecycle – enabling traceability, change and configuration management over requirements through every stage of the product 
    development process.

PTC Mathcad

  • PTC Mathcad® Prime® 3.0

    PTC Mathcad is the industry standard software for solving, analyzing, and sharing your most vital engineering calculations.

Phần mềm gia công CAM

  • Phần mềm NCG CAM

    NCG CAM’s automatic roughing of surface data is suitable for all types of 2D or 3D forms, creating an optimised, smooth cutting motion for high speed machining (HSM) while maintaining part accuracy, cutting tool life and machine tool life. All cutters and tool-holders are collision protected to maximise efficiency and stock model visualisation of the machined part is available at every stage of the manufacturing process.
    NCG CAM will always attempt to helix into the job when roughing, but will then automatically adapt to a profile ramping condition by ramping down in Z, while following the toolpath if a helix entry is not possible.